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01 February 2024 Thursday. 22:54:22 UTC
@CoinBlender (YT ID: UC0eIeJkFX0d1HKsMqnQqCzg)
I would like to lodge a formal complaint about the fake Bitcoin mixer phishing websites "" and "". These websites have cloned the legitimate service "" to deceive unsuspecting victims. One of the key fraudulent tactics employed by these websites is displaying the same Ethereum address as the domain holder. This ensures that all victims unknowingly send their money to the scammer. The scam operates by promising victims that their Bitcoin will be mixed, but in reality, they are simply being scammed. To illustrate the extent of their deceit, the end-order domain remains static and is accessible to everyone at ( You can verify this through the archive backup at ( Additionally, the domain holder publicly displays the Bitcoin address "bc1q3ytlwrudq7qpfpdtad09edyk5q2vmmc224scsu" for everyone to see. These scammers also operate Telegram channels to further their fraudulent activities. You can find their channels at and Moreover, they have even created a YouTube channel, which they use to promote their illicit activities. The channel can be found at (Channel-ID: UC0eIeJkFX0d1HKsMqnQqCzg). It is highly likely that they either acquired an old YouTube account or hijacked it to exploit and promote this scam. It is essential that appropriate action is taken to suspend their Telegram channels, specifically, and , due to their abusive behavior and involvement in illegal activities related to crypto cyber crime. Please review all the links and details provided and take the necessary steps to address this issue promptly. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
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