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15 January 2024 Monday. 14:14:27 UTC
bitcoin tumbler/anonymizer
Attention, Cryptscam and Crypto community! I have discovered a large network of fake crypto mixer websites on fraudulent crypto mixer phishing rating websites like "" and "". These websites have been created with the intention to socially engineer and manipulate victims into sending their cryptocurrency to scam websites, posing a significant risk to crypto users. These fake websites have even cloned popular crypto mixer platforms such as ChipMixer and Blender, both of which are officially confirmed to be down according to Wikipedia. It is important to note that the following websites are known to be fake crypto mixer websites: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. These addresses belong all to this fraudster: Bitcoin: (bc1qggcec69pkt0nln72dzwxvecl9mmxcq6rauqzn9) Bitcoin: (bc1q48y4gduss82juc3ugn0dxur3ltz6cpqexys85l) Bitcoin: (bc1qpd2f2pnhqsyxtv9kg2k7e7gxagj8vls6ah4n9s) Ethereum: (0x2e63d665d0c0edff11d5276405c5b65d964b3ead) Litecoin: (ltc1qu87hp7s5g80244t2qrmvfrq7qsstmxel2l2n6v) Bitcoin: (bc1qjm70r4a9vusms5890sg78lm5xxea7mclrlcne0) Bitcoin: (bc1q6gawnyjtpjfhtlj0t3s7uz0crqyu7q3z0v7l4j) Bitcoin: (bc1q9z599cwmw7rud0xt0camerqsrntjdyfp5588ut) Bitcoin: (bc1qgx3h5yamn5lgglsn464zq24m3g5w62eg6n54ke) Bitcoin: (bc1qp2chjgvw4dmgdzkz73zq2q7ehrthwx0a6r8tm7) It is crucial for users to exercise caution and avoid engaging with these fraudulent websites. Taking appropriate measures, such as reporting them and spreading awareness about their existence, is essential to protect oneself and others from falling victim to these scams.
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