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13 January 2021 Wednesday. 22:06:52 UTC
blackmail scam
I opened a/c in; agentJoseph Nelson. He assisted to open a Binance a/c, Exodus wallet. In 3 week period I sent money to my Binance and Joseph assisted, to transfer, via Exodus, to the Digital Miners account; trades showed gains. Today he said the account had to be liquidated due to a UK FCA ruling, referring to He said my funds were transferred to BLOCKCHAIN and a person from there would contact me. He said: (from: Joseph Nelson [email protected]) Your account moved and approved for liquidation in the Blockchain (doc attch) I can understand that you are a bit concerned because of the reviews you saw and obviously because you never fully closed an Crypto trading account. You have a full guarantee from me written in this email that once you finish the process with Blockchain they will send you your funds back to you (You will provide them with the right bank details and obviously verify everything with them as well). Because of what happened with FCA (We tried to find a loophole so we will be able to continue to work with client's), Today we got an official letter that we have to seize communication with client's from the UK and Ireland. Then, the supposed BLOCKCHAIN liquidator guy emailed and called me: this is the email: From: Jacob Goldman [mailto:[email protected]] Subject: Blockchain Please find all the details you need attached to this email Let me know when we can speak ? Jacob Goldman Liquidation Officer He told me I must send money (25% of the gain) before I can have my money returned. He says I must transfer to my Binance account, then he will assist me to transfer it to BLOCKCHAIN, via the EXODUS wallet I guess. After that he will then transfer my funds to my Binance account. How will I recover my money?
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